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Modul: Drag N Drop upload
Author: Karl Pierce
Nick: spritemarkiv
Version: 0.2.1
State: Stable
License: Creative Commons - attribution must be kept in place
GUID: A9D3A4B5-67A4-4CE6-9E4F-A25A3BA3D91A
Platform: 2.11
Last info: 2018-03-22
729 votes
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Download: here
Forum: here
Web Link: here
Description: Drag 'n Drop Upload

* This module creates an easy way to upload files into a specific directory.

* Uses the plupload Jquery plug-in by the guys who wrote Tiny_MCE.
* filter the type of files allowed to upload.
* Unlimited file size capacity
* Large files are chucked up.
* Client side image resizing.
* Backend provides easy one click set up.
1. Choose the folder.

Tested on
* WebsiteBaker 2.11

*fixed relative links, now works deeper in the menu tree.
*Updated info.php to include GUID
*fixed 2 broken links for flash, and silverlight
*moved script from frontend_body to view.php

*min.js files now loaded
*fixed link for flash and silverlight

*New Feature: allow only Page administrators to access the uploader or everyone

*Security enhancement of upload.php
*German and Italian Translations

Bug in v0.1.4 new security for the upload.php file is not allowing multiple files to upload. Working on a fix(7-Dec-2010).

*Bug fixed(see above v0.1.4 )
*tighter integration of jQueryAdmin(not required), thanks Blackbird for the help.

*Removed JqueryAdmin support since it is no longer being serviced
*Upgraded plupload to version 1.5.4

*This version works with Lepton 2.1.0
*Update the plupload plugin to v2.1.8
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